Participating Streamwatch groups have access to:

  • water quality monitoring equipment for use in the field
  • a supportive network of individuals and groups interested in water quality, catchment health and environmental action
  • an online water quality database for entering and viewing results
  • technical advice and support


There are a variety of community groups involved in Streamwatch including Bushcare and Landcare groups, landholder groups, environment groups and progress associations.

Participating community groups receive Streamwatch kits that enable them to test a variety of water quality parameters including temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, available phosphate, dissolved oxygen and faecal coliforms. Macroinvertebrate (water bug) surveys can also be done.

Community groups get involved in Streamwatch for many reasons including:

  • investigating and understanding their local catchment
  • identifying local water quality issues, their source and possible solutions
  • assessing water quality impacts of their environmental improvement programs
  • taking local action to improve water quality and catchment health
  • networking with others who have similar interests.


The Australian Museum has recently taken over the running of Streamwatch from Sydney Water and we won't be taking on any new groups until mid 2013.

Please contact us. If you are not part of a group and still wish to join and we may be able to put you in touch with a Streamwatch group in your area.

School Resources

There are many education resources for schools to help investigate and learn about water quality and freshwater biodiversity.

Sydney Water resources on the Education section

Sydney Catchment Authority resources including:


Streamwatch_ St Clare's School_ 91













Australian Museum resources including:

Australian Museum's Streamwatch Website 

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