What is Streamwatch

Streamwatch is a long running water monitoring program initiated by Sydney Water and the Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA).  In 2013 the Australian Museum took over the running of the program supported by Sydney Water. Streamwatch groups investigate and take action on water quality and catchment and ecosystem health.  It has supported local communities across Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Illawarra and Southern Highland regions.

The Australian Museum is committed to citizen science programs and is excited about taking over the Streamwatch Program. The Museum outreach team look forward to working with all the community groups and volunteers.

Streamwatch began in 1990. There have been over 250 community, school and other groups that monitor water quality and macroinvertebrates (water bugs) across more than 600 sites. Streamwatch is closely connected with NSW Waterwatch

Streamwatch can help evaluate the positive impacts of remediation projects and identify local issues so that action can be taken. Streamwatch data also provides an early warning system for pollution events and a historical record of how waterways have changed. The data and other information gathered by Streamwatch groups is available here. It is widely used by local councils, catchment management authorities, landowners and other land managers.

The program has strong quality assurance elements built in so that results are technically sound, reliable and useful.

Please contact us if you require more information.

Streamwatch at Myles Dunphy Bushland Reserve

From January 2013, the Australian Museum will own and run the Streamwatch program, including the website.